Services Include

Detailed Listing

  • Plumbing Fixtures

  • • Sinks

    • Laundry Tubs

    • Faucets

    • Toilets

    • Urinals

    • Flush Valves

    • Taps

    • Trap seal primers

    • Almost any plumbing fixture I can help you with






  • General Plumbing Repairs

  • • We Repair All Plumbing Problems















  • Appliance Installation

  • • Dishwashers

    • Gas Stove

    • Gas Dryer

    • Washing Machines

    • Hot Water Tanks

    • On Demand Hot
    Water Heaters

    • Gas BBQ lines

    • Over The Range (OTR) Microwaves

    • Icemaker/Fridge Water Lines

    • Gas Lines

    • Garburators/Garbage Disposals

    • Sumps/Pumps



  • Water Filtration Systems and Filters

  • • Ultra Violet (UV)

    • Reverse Osmosis (RO)

    • Sediment Filters

    • Water Softeners












  • Other Services

  • • Certified Cross Connection Control Technician (Backflow Prevention)

    • Clear a RED TAG, issued by local Gas Utility Suppliers













  • The scope of our company is forever changing as new skills and knowledge are acquired. For any service not listed feel free to contact us.

    Aaron Nichols
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